Minneapolis, MN (Oct 6 - Oct 19)

Venue: The Orpheum

Hotel: Doubletree by Hilton (11th and LaSalle) LOVED this hotel! They had a nice fireplace downstairs, and of course, an endless supply of warm cookies! My window looked toward the west, so I had a few wonderful opportunities to watch the sunset from my 5th floor window :)

Minneapolis, believe it or not, is a hidden gem of a city! Between the beautiful fall weather we had, the TARGET center downtown, and the great nightlife, there was always something to do while we weren’t at the theatre. Through our company, we also had access to the Lifetime Fitness center downtown, which offered incredible fitness classes! (I definitely took advantage of that) 


Almost identical to the bike system in DC, Minneapolis has newly installed city bike rental system with stations located strategically throughout the city. A couple of the days during our stay, I took advantage of this and biked a bit south of the downtown area to Uptown (contradictory, I know). I discovered a beautiful bike route around Lake of the Isles, which was surrounded by a neighborhood of beautiful homes accented with the beautiful colors of the turning autumn leaves. 

Every Thursday, a farmers market stretches down the main street of the downtown area (also called The Nicollet Mall). I enjoyed walking that with my friend Rachel. We bought flowers and vegetables and honey. 

Favorite Eats: 

Hands down: the lemon ricotta pancakes at a restaurant called Hell’s Kitchen. That was an experience I wouldn’t mind having again! Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the food was awesome!

Coming in for a close second was an authentic, family owned and operated Vietnamese place called Lotus, located just a couple blocks from our hotel. Pho soup was delightfully warm and delicious on a chilly fall day! 

I also enjoyed a cafe in Uptown called Common Grounds. It was a nice local spot to sit and read and enjoy a quality pastry and a nice cup of joe. 

And here we are - Sunday has arrived again. The trunks are packed and ready to be loaded onto the trucks. And it’s just about time to pack up those suitcases and make sure they don’t exceed 50 pounds :) Two more shows and we are off to St. Louis!

Cincinnati, OH (Sep 22 - Oct 6)

Venue: Aronoff Center

Downtown Cincinnati is SKEEETCHY. 

Highlight: Living in a HOUSE in Columbia/Tusculum! [3708 Sachem Ave.]

For these two weeks, I rented a house and a car with two of the ladies in the company! We found the rental through VRBO, and what a great decision it turned out to be! We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather from our front porch, and take strolls through the beautiful park within walking distance (it had a castle and a swings and a slide!). Also, we weren’t upset that Starbucks was a five minute walk from our front doorstep ;)

The house was a great mini-vacation from hotel living, and we so enjoyed living in a neighborhood for a couple weeks!

Loving the oldest neighborhood in Cincinnati! 

#Columbia-Tusculum #fall #freedomtour

Loving the oldest neighborhood in Cincinnati!

#Columbia-Tusculum #fall #freedomtour

Surprise Proposal
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC

Photo Credit: Em-Grey Photography 

Surprise Proposal

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC

Photo Credit: Em-Grey Photography 


Durham, NC (sep 15 - sep 21)

The highlight of this week was most assuredly the surprise proposal I received from Lance Gardner Fletke on Saturday September 20, 2014.

My head is still in the clouds. I’m overwhelmed with love! I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life. Operation surprise proposal was a complete success. Oh, and I said “yes”! :-)


The pictures say more than my words ever could!

Washington, DC (aug 26-sep 14)

I’ve decided to keep an account of my time on the road with Dirty Dancing! Feel free to follow and travel around the US with me! I’ll be posting highlights from each city.

Venue: The National Theatre

Audiences were really receptive and super enthusiastic. I’ll never forget one night - these two women had two giant 5 foot Patrick Swayze head posters that they were waving wildly at the curtain call of the show. You could say they were fans.

Favorite Eats: Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse

My favorite thing to do on a day off (Monday) is generally to find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy a few hours of solitude and a good cup of coffee. This was the perfect spot for that! (2nd st NE and F st)

Sights: Capital Bikeshare

I found the best way to see DC was through the city bike system. For $25 you can get a month membership with Capital Bikeshare. You get a snazzy device that looks like a USB drive which you use to unlock a bike from the numerous stations located around the city. For the adventurer, this mode of transportation is ideal! It also made for a fun commute to work.

3 months later…

We’re in tech rehearsal for Dirty Dancing!

Here we are at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center, on a nice little college campus just south of downtown York, PA.

I’ll be playing Lisa Houseman and singing all those wacky hula lyrics :)

I’m super excited about the show. We’ve got an exciting cast, and the band rocks!

Let the journey begin!

Callback for Dirty Dancing

Well, I guess it went well.

They are having me back tomorrow morning for round 2.

Better review those funky lyrics…

Dirty Dancing Appointment

4:30 tomorrow. Going in for Baby’s big sister, Lisa. She’s so mean!